Mini Blind Hell

Friday, July 25, 2008


Thank Gizzzz-od it's Friday!

This week pretty much flew right by! That's a good thing though. I am happy to report that Rowdy has not torn anything else up this week and we even left him alone for about an hour last night when we went to dinner. It's so sad to look through our patio fence and see him sitting at the sliding glass doors just wondering where we are going. It hurts my heart! He's our baby. Don't laugh. But he is. I took him for a long walk last night and he loved it. He chased leaves down the street. I think he might be a little "special" sometimes. And by special, I mean retarded. But it sure is cute!

Ok, enough about Rowdy....

Has anyone ever had problems putting up mini-blinds? Apparently one has to be very, very smart in order to do this and apparently, Felix and myself are not very smart. Actually, I take that back. I don't think it has anything to do with US. I do, however, think it has something to do with the 73 layers of paint that the apartment complex has plastered to the walls and window seals, making it very difficult to insert screws. Every time we put a screw in, it just made the paint crumble. Needless to say, my bedroom window does not have blinds right now. As you are walking past my window, you will notice some white trash fashionable purple curtains flowing in the breeze of my fan. I am going to see if the maintenance man can't come hang the darn blinds for me. BUT wait. That's a problem because if he comes to our apartment he will see the destruction that Rowdy has caused, and I'm not quite ready for him to see that because he will tell my land-lady. Hmm..what's a girl to do?

Tonite I will be doing pretty much nothing at all. Felix has to work, which is a pretty good time to clean the apartment. Tomorrow night we will be going over to some friends' house to watch some boxing match. I am not really into boxing, but Felix is and because I reeek of awesomeness in the girlfriend department, I am going to go and have FUN!

Have a STHUPUR weekend!! (for those of you who don't ever get to hear me talk out loud, that says "super" with a lisp!) And no, I don't actually have a lisp, I just think it's fun to talk like I do.

2 peeps said....:

Betsey Booms said...

Hope you guys had a good weekend. Good luck with those blinds. I personally? am not great at that.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

Hey! I saw you on my site meter today and wandered over to your blog. And lo and behold, I am on your blogroll! Thanks!

I am reading through your stuff now...