This is for you Mom!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So, I have received maybe 1 comment, or high-five on my blog. After talking to my Mom, I have come to the conclusion that I need to give everyone detailed instructions on how to do so. Here ya go!!

1) Underneath each post, you will see the words "high-fives". Click this.
2) A box will pop up. In that box, write your comment.
3) Right under the comment box you will see something that says, "Choose Identity".
4) Click on the circle beside the words "name/url".
5) Type your name.
6) Click "Publish Your Comment".
And you are done! See how easy that is?!?! Now, if you don't want to write your name and you would like to remain anonymous, instead of clicking the cirle that says "name/url", you can click the circle that says "anonymous"! Wow! So, I now expect tons of high-fives everytime I write a blog!

In other news, haha, my test that was supposed to be this Friday has now been changed to August 1! AHHH!!!! Apparently, I was supposed to turn an application into the school for the exam, but I knew nothing about this. Oh well, more time to study! I do still get to start my externship on Monday, and I am looking forward to that. I went today and got the rest of my injections done. Ouch! That tetanus shot hurts!

I have to have an MRI next week because I've been getting really bad headaches lately. About a year ago, I swear to Gizzzod I had a stoke. I am not making this up. My Doctor thinks otherwise, but what does he know? Kidding, of course. I love my Doctor. He's Super--with a capital "S". So any hooters we will see how that goes. I really don't have a whole lot on my mind today so I guess I will get back to work.

Oh- and I would like to officially apologize to my mom, Mrs. Trish the Dish for cursing in my blog. It will not happen ever again DAG NABBIT!!! I love you Mom!!!

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Ashley said...

I am so glad that you did a step by step list on how to comment. You know me!!! I just LUB computers! :)