Rain, Rain, Please GO AWAY!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am sick of this rain! It makes me so lazy all day long! I know we need it and all but geeeeez. I've been cleaning for what feels like 17 days. Ok, so it was on and off for like 4 hours, but who's really counting? Felix and I haven't decided what we are doing tonight. He's off this weekend and the beast is at his grandparents'. *giggle* My Dad hates that I refer to him as my dog's Grandpa, but he is.

Thought.....I would like to officially start referring to Felix as "The Vato Loco". Vato for short. Anyhooters, The Vato bought me lunch and my favorite flowers yesterday. Tulips. And a nice card. That Vato is a pretty swell guy.

I'm pretty sure this is the most boring post ever so I am going to just go ahead and quit now and leave you with a picture of my tulips. Peace out my homies.

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