Everyone Else Is Doing It

Friday, February 6, 2009

First of all, I must tell you how excited I am about this!! Love it!
Ok, anyhooters. I have seen this going around for sometime now, and since I want to be just like the cool kids, I decided to do it as well. So peeps, here's 25 random facts about Breezy, that I know you were dying to find out!!

Numeral uno: I have titanium rods in my left arm and staples in my right arm.

Numeral dos: I talk with a lisp thoughout the day because I like how it sounds. I don't have a speech impediment, I just like to be silly like that.

Numeral tres: I hate my body with a passion and I self-hate all the time. I'm working on this.

Numeral quatro: I over analyze things. Ok, everything. I over analyze everything. Badly.

Numeral cinco: I stare at my boyfriend when he sleeps because he is really cute. I promise, he is.

Numeral seis: I hold my feelings in for far too long and then all at once they explode everywhere like diarrhea (of the mouth, of course).

Numeral siete: My favorite flower is a tulip. I don't care what color it is, I just love tulips. LOVE them.

Numeral ocho: I can't wait to be a mommy and have my own little family.

Numeral nueve: I love when someone plays with my hair and could literally sit still for hours while they do it.

Numeral diez: When I was in elementary school, I was the fastest kid in my entire class and could beat the fastest boy.

Numeral once: Really weird things happen to me that most people have never heard of. Examples: Bell's Palsy, Raynaud's Phenomenon, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Numeral doce: I filmed an episode for Dr.90210, but it didn't air. :(

Numeral trece: My little brother is gay and I get extremely offended when people make hateful comments about others for no reason at all. I love him sooo much.

Numeral catorce: Water is my favorite drink.

Numeral quince: I am a hopeless romantic and expect my boyfriend to plan cute, little romantic things for us. Or to write me a love note. Hehe.

Numeral dieciseis: I love Blue Eyes' hands even if they are dirty a lot because it means he works hard. And they are big which equals sexy.

Numeral diecisiete: I usually smell my food before I eat it. Just to make sure it doesn't smell funky.

Numeral dieciocho: I take my shower at night so I can "sleep in" and then I look like crap with no make-up on and I self-hate on myself all day at work. It's never-ending.

Numeral diecinueve: I always sing, loudly, even though I can't sing.

Numeral veinte: I dance in the kitchen when no one is home.

Numeral veintiuno: When I was little, I had a slip-n-slide, and I got a rock stuck under my knee and had to have stitches.

Numeral veintidos: I can't tell what color my eyes are most days. Blue? Green? Bluish Greenish? I don't know. So I just say green.

Numeral veintitres: I hate talking on the phone and would much rather text. Maybe it was the 4 years working at a call center that did that to me??

Numeral veinticuatro: I am a very, very passionate person about things I believe in. I love very passionately and would do anything for the people I love.

Numeral veinticinco: I do not know Spanish.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!!

5 peeps said....:

LiLu said...

Numeral trece: My little brother is gay and I get extremely offended when people make hateful comments about others for no reason at all. I love him sooo much.

The only time I stood up and walked out on a date, leaving him with the tab, was when he started making hateful and ridiculous remarks about gay people, like "it's a decision" and then, when he saw my reaction, "it's a disease". How can it be both, asshat? The ignorant jerk had the nerve to come back into my bar, too (reason #3,956 why you should never date your customers). I made someone else serve him.

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I am a texter too. I hate talking on the phone!

Briana said...

LiLu- Yea, I really can't stand ignorant people like that. Good for you for walking out!!

Bird/Baby- Texting is the greatest thing since string cheese.

insomniaclolita said...

the last one is HILARIOUS. lol

Friend said...

#1: Yes, I remember you telling me this story on our way back from the haunted house in Eola. Remember the bloody mess on the road on the way back? DICKSGUSTING!

#2: As-th long as-th you don'th sthay "tamalish"

#3: I love your body so that makes up for it...wait, did I just admit that? Move on to #4...

#4: Stop over analyzing #3, no I will not sleep with you...again!

#5: That's creepy and cute all in one. I snored on your couch many times, did you watch me?

#6: Explosive diarrhea...my ribs hurt from laughing so hard.

#7: I bought you flowers on our anniversary, I'm a damn good girlfriend.

#7.5: I never realized how lesbian you and I must seem to the rest of the world.. oh well, carrying on!

#8: And I'll be Aunt Christine with the many dogs, who you will only let babysit if someone else is present.

#9: I used to do this at WCN :( Awww cry!

#10: You were also the fastest girl to get in a boys pants...heyyyy! Shietttt, you beat me to one of them!

#11: You forgot Whorestastic Phenomenon

#12: Its because that hoebag didn't let you do your own make up...we should sue them.

#13: I love fags! Oops, sorry Friend. BTW, thanks for not murdering me every time this word slips, which is often. I LOVEEEE ME SOME JOSH!

#15: Or knowing Brandon, he'll belch I-Love-You and think that's utterly romantic.

#16: Big hands means...eh eh eh...wait, I know the answer to that question...omg that one night out in front of his house...sigh. Still nightmares.

#17: I've never witnessed you doing this...

#18: I shower at night so I can bone at night and in the morning...wait, did I just admit that, wait it's you so it's okay. Please tell me your parents don't read this...

#19: I think you and I have sang various songs in the vehicular together...I miss those days.

#20: You dance in the kitchen WHEN people are there...there is no hiding thigs.

#21: Now you have a slip-n-slide in the bedroom and he nearly busts you open every time so you may need to get stitches elsewhere.

#22: Green when you cry...omg that was so sappy.

#23: I can only talk to you on the phone, in person or on IM. Text is too impersonal, and our crazy stories never come across the same.

#24: Yes, and for this very reason you put up with my ass as your best friend. THANK YOU!

#25: Yes, and this fact was confirmed throughout your 25 Things since instead of "Numero Uno" you said "Numeral" I still love you.