I'm Baaack....I Think

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First of all, let me begin by saying how bad I feel about neglecting my blog for the past, oh I don't know, 2 weeks or so. Maybe longer. Anyhooters. A lot has happened. I was rear ended in our new ride-bummer. We've been driving a rental which wasn't tooo bad, but it was a car, and now that we have an SUV it felt totally weird. So this past Tuesday, ours was supposed to be ready. I took the rental back and the nice chubby Hispanic boy gave me a ride to the body shop. I got in the Trail Blazer and off I went to get gas. I tried locking the doors with the remote and it would.not.work. Then the tire pressure monitoring system kept coming on. Grrrrreat. They broke something. I had to take it back Wednesday and as I write this, I am car-less. At least I don't have school this week or I would be SOL. I wasn't too injured in the accident. I strained my neck pretty bad. It was a high school boy that hit me. $4800.00 worth of damage he did. Jerk.

We went to Lampasas last weekend and had a lot of fun. Me and Blue Eyes went to Austin and got drunk, I mean, played games at Dave and Busters. I had never been before and had a lot of fun. We also played electronic monopoly with my parents and grandma. We are so wild.

And now...I must tell you a couple of things my sweet, sweet Blue Eyes has said that almost made me pee my pants-a little.

When talking about a Bible one of his customer's gave him: "Yea, I don't know. It's that Rick James or something like that."
Me, about to die: "You mean King James?"
Blue Eyes: "Haaa.....I don't know, I guess!"
"Rick James, Bitch!"

Yesterday, I bought chips from H-E-B.....the Texas shaped ones. He's sitting there eating some with salsa and I'm cooking. All of a sudden, he jumps out of his chair with a chip and says,

"OMG, LOOOOK at this chip!!!!!!!"
(but then he quickly sat back down and was like, "oh")

I looked at him and said, "OMG did you think you just found a chip shaped like Texas? Because the entire bag is shaped like Texas!!!"
Him, blushing: "NOO. I didn't."
Me: "YES you did. OMG you are so cute!!!! You thought you found a Texas shaped chip like that person that found a Jesus shaped Cheeto! I love you!!!!"

I really do love you Blue Eyes.

4 peeps said....:

insomniaclolita said...

Both of you are too cute, it made me swwooon :)

ps. I need to google that chip.

Sophie said...

ahahah so funny!!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

LOL I am just as wild as you, I played Scrabble on my beach mini-vacation

LiLu said...

Yayyyy it's almost like Shiz My BF Said! Too freaking cute.

Glad to have you back, love :-)