Burr, It's Cold In Here

Friday, April 10, 2009

There must be some Toro's in the atmosphere.....

Oh.My.God. Sorry about that. What? You don't know what I'm talking about? Bring it On! Duh. Google it then.

Why is it that right around Easter the weather always turns to complete CRAP? Always. It's nice all week long and then BAM! It's cold and gross. Blue Eyes and myself will be traveling to the Hill Country this evening to go stay at my parents'. You know what that means right?!?! I get to see ROWDY!!! Yay!! Oh, I get to spend time with my Mom and Dad also. But ROWDY!!! YAY!! I miss him! Anylamewad, we will be spending Easter there. My B.E. is getting over a little cold or something. He's been hoarse and coughing and I'm really hoping I don't get it! He needed to go to the doctor and get a shot but he didn't. I hate being sick. Besides, I don't have just a whole lot of sick time left since I like to use mine when I'm not really sick. Ssshhhhh.

Welp, I should have some pictures after this weekend of our adventures in the Hill Country.

I hope everyone has a great Easter!!

5 peeps said....:

Sophie said...

I hope you have a great easter also!


Katelin said...

oh bring it on, love it. and love that cheer, seriously i say it all the time.

haha, anyhoo have a great weekend, can't wait to hear about it on monday!

insomniaclolita said...

I said oh ee oh eee ohhh ice ice ice :P

of courseeeeee I know, any 90's kids should :P

Happy easter.

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

LOL Bring it on is one the best cinematic masterpieces of all time. Have a Happy easter (where my peeps at...sorry ahd to do that because of the peeps picture)

Greg said...

Ugh. It's 6:10 Easter Sunday, and I. Am. Sick. Of. Peeps. :(

Hope your weekend didn't require as much Pepto!