Vaca 2009....Warning: Picture Overload

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our trip started out earlier than planned. We weren't supposed to leave until early Friday morning, but we decided that we needed to get outta town Thursday night. So, we called our hotel that we had reservations at for Friday night and asked if we could come a day early. This ended up being the most disgusting hotel ever. I take that back. The pool was nice.

So anyhooters....our hotel was right across the street from the new Cowboys' Stadium. OMG. It is soooo huge! I seriously could not stop staring at it! It was like a ginormous UFO. Riiiily.
Speaking of ginormous things, please ignore Blue Eyes' hand in the picture. Ok, so that was the view from our hotel. (It was in the ghetto.)

B.E. doesn't even like football, but he was so impressed with the stadium, he started doing some research on it. Here he is, on his lap top ssschecking it out:
I did not get any sleep the first night we were there. The bed was so uncomfortable and tiny and Blue Eyes likes to basically sleep on top of me (him's is a snuggla). In the middle of the night, I got that horrible pain in my kidney. The pain like someone is stabbing you in the back. OUCH. It hurt so bad. I waited for it to get light outside(we were not in the best/safest parts of the world) and I walked over to the gas station to get some cranberry juice (because my momma swears it cures that pain). I grabbed two bottles, determined to chug them both on an empty stomach so that I would feel better for the day ahead of us at Six Flags. I stayed outside for a little while because I didn't want to wake B.E. up. I drank two sips of the first bottle.

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle,
said my tummy. You know that feeling you get right before you RALPH? I got it. I went back to the room and sat on the edge of the bathtub. My mouth was a-waterin'. Oh, please no. Please no! I kept telling myself this over and over. BLAHHHH. Myself did not feel like listening to myself on this Friday morning. I threw up that cranberry juice. That is ALL I had in my stomach. But did my stomach care? No. It wanted to throw up some more just to make sure there really was nothing left in there. Because I have no brain whatsoever, I took my headache medicine. The bottle even warns you of not doing this. I was feeling rebellious. I woke B.E. up and told him I was going to find a Wal-Mart to get some medicine for my aching kidney. He offered to drive me but I told him to stay in bed. I got out to the car and I guess that medicine didn't want to go to Wal-Mart with me, because I threw it up all over the parking lot. This was, by far, the worst tasting substance I have ever had in my mouth. It tasted like poison. Oh gawd, I can't even think about it right now without gagging. (lesson learned- when the medicine bottle says, take with meals, DO IT)

Moving right along. I felt so much better after Blue Eyes went downstairs and got me a muffin. I took my shower and we went and had a quick lunch before Six Flags opened. On our way to Six Flags, I thought it would be the perfect time for a photo shoot.
I knew it was time to put the camera away when he made this face. I was so mad at him but now that I look at it again I'm laughing!!

There was a private party going on and the park didn't open until 2pm for the public. We paid for parking and sat in the car for about 30 minutes. Blue Eyes decided it was a good time to take a kitty cat nap.

We already had our tickets printed out, so around 12:30 we walked up to the gate just to see what they would do, and the nice little lady let us in!!! We got to go in early and there were nooo lines! It was awesome. We rode the Titan as soon as we got in. I was so scared at first, and I have no idea why. I have never been afraid of roller coasters. Maybe I'm getting old. Eww. B.E. insisted that I leave my hands up the entire time. It actually did make it a little more fun. We ended up riding the Titan 3 times. I think this picture shows exactly how much fun it was.
I look like such a tard. Oh well, it was FUN!

More pictures from our day at Six Flags:
We rode these little cars around a race track, and I laughed the entire time! We were the only two on the race track and I loved it! I took a picture of myself right before we got in the cars, just in case I wrecked mine, it would be the last picture of yours truly.
Waiting in line for another ride, I snapped another picture of my other half.
I love him so much.

Oh, sorry, got a little distracted. Towards the end of the day, we were both hot and sweaty and tired of walking around so we decided to go ahead and head back to the ghetto. We took quick showers and then made our way to HOOTAHS, which really just means, another photo shoot.
He would not make a serious face. Jerk.
And Breezy needed a picture too!!

In the middle of our wing eating festivities, this piece of work walked in to Hootahs and we totally lost it. I don't know if it was the sun from the day, or the ice cold beers we had just consumed, but, ohmygodwow.
That was some awesome hair if I've ever seen awesome hair. And I have. I look in the mirror everyday.

We tried to get a few more shots of us after we left. FAIL.
The next morning, we were planning on getting up and driving to Longview to have lunch with Blue Eyes' friend. We made our way East. The drive was beautiful.
Right after we got honked at, and flipped off by a truck driver, Biggie came on. Prepare yourself for gangsta pose in 3, 2, 1.....
I'm so embarrassed of that. Not really.

We got to Longview and ate lunch. Lucky for you, I didn't take any pictures. After lunch, we were on our way to our final destination. Bossier City!! It was a pretty quick drive. Our hotel was so nice! The rooms were really tropical looking. I knew it would be hard to describe the room, so I took some pictures.
It didn't take us long to make our way to the casino. Along with the slot machines, came free beer, which means, more pictures.
While playing the slots, B.E. hit the jackpot. BUT. He didn't win it, because he wasn't betting the max. It was for $300.00, which really would have been nice to blow. He was so upset! The ladies next to him were mad because apparently, it takes a long time for that jackpot to come back around! HA. Whatever, we were just having fun ladies!!

It got really warm inside the casino, so we decided to go outside on the deck. Photo shoot number 4,715, coming up.
We really should have asked someone to take a decent picture of us. But, that's how we roll.

We went to dinner in the lobby, where they had a buffet of sea food. I promised myself after eating, that I would not eat for the rest of the week. We got our $50.00 worth, that's all I'm saying.

Blue Eyes took another kitty cat nap. Lazy.
Not really!!! He never had Glamour Shots taken when he was younger, and he was feeling sad about that, so we set up a shoot in the hotel room. We are having it enlarged and hanging it over our fire place. Kidding! We don't have a fire place.

After dinner, we went back down to the casino and spent the rest of our gambling money. By this time, we were both tired, full, and had drank a little too many free beers.
Well, apparently he didn't get full enough, because he tried to eat my face off.
Ugh. I got way too much sun.

We were in our room by 10pm. We checked out the jacuzzi (niiice) and then went to bed by midnight. Around 1am, I was awoken to the loudest, most obnoxious voices my ears have ever heard. The people in the connecting room were screaming and running in their room. I was so annoyed. I laid there and listened to it for awhile, hoping Blue Eyes wouldn't wake up, because if he did, he would want to beat someones hiney. Well, he woke up. He banged on the connecting door, and they shut up for about 4 minutes. I was then forced to call the front desk. They sent someone from security to the room, and they were quiet for about 20 minutes. Around 2am, they started again, and B.E. threw his covers off, and said, "Let's go." Let me remind you, we were 7 hours from home. We left. We made it inside of Texas and had to stop at a roadside park and sleep. I woke up in the shape of a pretzel 3 hours later, and off we drove.

We did manage to get a free night out of the hotel, which means we will be going back hopefully soon. So. You already know what that means.

More pictures coming soon of Vacay #2!!!


6 peeps said....:

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Looks like you had a great vacation! I am too afraid to get on roller coasters and there would be no way I would have my hands raised the whole time I was on one LOL

LiLu said...

Awwww, such cuteness! So glad you had such a blast and got silly :-)

I think B and I are going to need to take a trip to Six Flags soon...

Andhari said...

The pics are epic, and a rollercoaster ride! WOWWW! You two look so awesome together, not to mention very happy and loverly in the pics

Micheal and Ashley said...

OH.MY.GOSH!!! I am still laughing! You are too funny and it looks like that you had a great time! I can't believe you didn't just stay...ya'll are too crazy!

Briana said...

Spanks yall! We had sooo much fun. I can't wait to go again!

Anonymous said...

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