Unexpected Happiness

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I missed Goodwill Wednesday, and for that, I am very sorry. But, my friends, other things have been going on in Breezy's Crazy World, and I think I am ready to share them.

Last Thursday, I went grocery shopping. While shopping, I decided to just pick up a pregnancy test. Since I have polycystic ovaries, my periods are very irregular. So I never know if I'm late or what. When I got home I took said test. Oh. That looks like a faint plus sign, I say to myself. So I say, "Hey Blue Eyes, what does this look like to you?" Blue Eyes responds with, "It looks like a plus sign." I said, "Yea, that's kind of what I thought too." He told me to go get another test and so off to the store I went. I came back with two more, which, would also be positive. The next day I called my OB's office and talked to my nurse. She said there was no need to come in for blood work, if I had taken 3 tests and they were all positive. She set me up with my first appointment, and transferred me to the billing department where I almost had a heart attack when they told me how much we had to pay.

"$430.50 a month for 6 months, and your first payment is due on Wednesday, June 24, when you come in for your first appointment."

Holy geesus. When I told Blue Eyes he didn't understand why we had to pay so much whenI have insurance. I explained to him that I hadn't met my deductible, and that is why. Fortunatley, I am able to change my insurance because of open enrollment, so all of my other payments will be much, much lower. We were so glad to hear that.

I went to my parents' house this weekend for our family reunion and Father's Day, and Blue Eyes stayed home so he could spend time with his Dad. I had been home for about an hour when I just blurted it out.

"I'm pregnant."

My Mom started jumping up and down, she was so excited. My Dad just stared at me.

Blue Eyes has been paying on an engagement ring for me since January, and we were going to go to Vegas in December to get married. We aren't engaged yet, but I knew about the ring and I knew he was going to ask me sometime this summer. We are doing everything backwards, obviously. So we are planning on getting married in August, at his Dad's home. It will just be our immediate family. He still has to propose to me though, of course!!

I went to the Doctor yesterday for my first ultrasound and the nurse couldn't see anything. I was really disappointed, because that was my main fear, not being able to see anything! She said she thought I was probably not very far along and sent me to get blood work done. I will go back Friday to get the second round of blood work to make sure my numbers are going up. Also, tonight I will start taking progesterone because that level was at a 12.1 and they want it over 20.

Please, if you pray, pray for us. I honestly never thought I could get pregnant because of the PCOS and now I am terrified. I'm not terrified to be a Mom, I just don't want anything happening to this baby. Pray that my numbers have doubled or tripled when I go back tomorrow please! We are so happy and cannot wait to start this life together.

Oh yea, I also felt it was necessary to take 7 tests. They were all positive. I just wanted to make sure!!!

And?!?! The nurse also said it looked like I had released a bunch of eggs at once, so, uh, yea. Twins anyone?? Triplets??

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Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I am SOOOOO happy for you! Also, twins are the best, just look at me and my sister...um....wait never mind.

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...
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Micheal and Ashley said...

I am so happy for you! I will continue to pray that everything will go well with the pregnancy and that the baby and you will be healthy. Oh and if it is twins, you can go ahead and name them Micheal and Ashley! :) Just because you love us so much!

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wickedcourtni said...


This is wonderful news. Congrats. (pee ess we did it backwards too.)


mylittlebecky said...

congrats, dear! that's so exciting! for what it's worth, my friend has pcos and she's had two happy/healthy babies, so yay! i'll send you pos vibes :)

Sophie said...

Ohh my good!!!
I only read it todAY!!
You're pregnant, that´s AMAZING!!!
Congrats to you guys :)
How is B.E. reacting??

Kisses of all of you! (the baby too of course!)

Andhari said...

Of course my thoughts and prayers are with you,I'm sure you'll be okay and how exciting would that be if you really do have twins? Congrats!:)

Andhari said...

Of course my thoughts and prayers are with you,I'm sure you'll be okay and how exciting would that be if you really do have twins? Congrats!:)

LiLu said...



Congratulations!!! That is so freaking exciting! I am SO happy for you two!!!

simple girl said...

That is so awesome! I am so excited for you!