There's Never Any Time!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Every time I hear or say that, it takes me back to an episode of Saved By The Bell. Oh hell yes, the greatest show like, EVER. Ok, not really, but when you're 9, it's pretty darn awesome. You know the one I'm talking about. Where Jesse is taking caffeine pills to stay awake and study and do everything. You know, where she starts singing..and all of a sudden says, "I'm sooooo scarrrrrrrrreedddd!" I love that episode. Go Bayside!!!
Anyway, the point of this is, I haven't had any time to blog!! I'm not taking caffeine pills or anything like that, but I might start. I think I've mentioned before that I have 2 online classes, Nutrition and Psychology. And of course I still have my Anatomy class that I go to on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, the stupids working at the bookstore sold me the wrong book for my Nutrition class, and, um, hello, I failed my first test with a 59! I was sitting there thinking I must be really incompetent that I can't even pass a test that I have the freaking book to sitting right in front of me. So yea, I found out that I had the wrong book. I don't feel too bad, because this actually happened to a lot of people in my class. Of course there is nothing I can do about that grade because according to my beeeotch of a teacher, it's my fault.


Now I have to really study hard to make up for that horrible grade.

In other oh-so-exciting news, Blue Eyes and I went to Lampasas this past weekend to visit my family. My little brother Josh and his friend Shelby flew down for a visit and we had a lot of fun! Cole was there too (my other brother).

I just got out of a staff meeting, and got some bad news. The GM was telling us that they are going to have to start looking at ways to reduce expenses and the biggest expense is labor, of course. In my mind I was sitting there thinking, "pick me! pick me!" No, not really. I don't really want to lose my job. Or do I? Blue Eyes and I have been talking a lot lately about moving away from San Angelo. We would like to move somewhere maybe around the Austin area. I would love to live in Marble Falls. We really just have to see what jobs we can find, and of course, I have to find a school. I told him that we really need to decide what we are doing before May, because June 1 is the deadline for Nursing School. I hope we can figure something out. I think moving is a really good idea for us.

Ok peeps, I really do have to get some work done. (hehe, yea right)

Hope your week has been fantabulous!!!

5 peeps said....:

insomniaclolita said...

aw Briana, lookslike you have a lot in your plate. Good luck :)

LiLu said...

I own that Tshirt.

And I'm not even joking.

Briana said...

Lolita- I do have a lot right now! Thank you!

LiLu- Lucky! I want that shirt!!

Sophie said...

i may write something in English every now and then okay?


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

sorry to hear about the job situation, I'm in a similar boat.
Don't take caffeine pills, you could become addicted and not be able to perform w/ Hot Sundae "put your mind to it go for it! get down and break a sweat" I am officially a loser LOL