Boobie Handprints For Everyone!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Brandon(that's my boyfriend, aka, Blue Eyes) and I have been talking about repainting the house a lot and finally he bought the paint to do it. (paint be expensive yallll!) I picked out a lovely little color that Beher likes to call Gobi Desert:
Ok, that's the color. The trim is going to be pure white, but yall know what white looks like, so there is no need for a picture. Unless you are color blind, then I'm sorry. So it's a really neutral color, and I think it's going to look so cute.

Right now, part of our house is blue and the other part is light green. B.E. painted half of if blue before we were together. It's very, um, festive looking? I will post pictures once we are done painting.

Speaking of painting-IT SUCKS yall! Especially in the stupid West Texas wind. Five minutes into painting the trim, I was already over it. I tried to get out of it by offering to go inside and make him Spaghetti. It worked! But, once I got inside, I didn't feel like making that, so I went back out and asked him if he would like to have chili dogs (heart attack) instead. Mmm chili dogs. Nom, nom, nom. Anyhooters.
He said that sounded good and then he blurted out, "So that won't take very long at all will it?"

I told him, "Nah, about 30 minutes if that."

Then he said the words I was hoping to not hear.

"Good. Then you can stay out here and finish up on the trim!" I said with a smile, "Oh yea, I sure can Blue Eyes!!"


So I stayed out there. Almost murdered the dog a couple of times.

Then I tried the "I have to poop" excuse so I could go in again. After that 5 minutes I went back out and painted some more.

I saw a bug in the window of the bathroom, so I ran back inside and killed it. At this point it was like, oh I don't know, 7pm, and I was seriously over this whole painting thing.
I even suggested we go and hire someone from the Home Depot parking lot at $2.00hr to come finish. Didn't work.

Then? Then I proceeded to paint my hand solid white and make a hand print on my boobie.

I never said I was mature. Don't judge me.

What you can judge me on? Is how many damn times I say yall.

Yehaw yall, I'm a Texas Gal!!

3 peeps said....:

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

LOL I would have done the hand print on my boob too. I hate painting and purposly mess up so no one asks me to help. btw, love the new profile pic!!!

WickedCourtni said...

I would have done the same thing... and D would have gotten a handprint on his schlong. Cause I like to touch it. HAHA

Micheal and Ashley said...

I couldn't make it through your post! I was laughing the whole time! Oh my BreLeigh...