Sthuuuper Exthited

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update: Blue Eyes just called to inform me that the Border Patrol just pulled over a white van across the street from our house. I just thought it was hilarious that he called and told me this, so I wanted to share it with yall!

I took off my poll because, even though you have all voted yes for me to cut my hair, I can't do it. I wore my hair curly yesterday and decided it needs to keep growing out. So, thanks anyways guys! I am still coloring it pretty blonde though. My appointment is next Saturday and it can't come quick enough!
On May 8th, B.E. and I are going to Six Flags where we will be meeting up with one of my besties (oh yea, I said besties-DEAL) and her main squeeze whom I have never met. I am really looking forward to meeting him. He will probably leave her after he sees the two of us together, though. We are...well...we act pretty foolish and very silly around each other. We say things that no one else would ever think of, and do things that most people wouldn't do in public for fear of embarrassing themselves. We don't care though. That's how we roll. It does, however, leave others wondering about us. and B.E. have decided that we are going to do that Bungee Jump thing that Six Flags has!! Yiiiikes! My bestie (said it again) has agreed to take our picture and I just can't wait to see the fear excitement on my face!!
Anyhooters...we will be spending the night in Dallas and then we will get up Saturday morning (that is if we don't fall out of the sky at Six Flags and splat all over the place) and drive to Longview to meet up with one of B.E. friends. We are going to take her to lunch at some fantabulous Japanese Steakhouse. After we stuff ourselves silly we are going to Shreveport to do some gamblin' and just relax. We have a really nice hotel that has a jacuzzi in each room (what, what!). So I am really excited for this trip. We need it!
Do you have any awesome vaca's coming up??? Do telllll!!!!!!

5 peeps said....:

Friend said...

Hey Hoenanny,

Why do I show up as Addison, TX - I don't live in EFFING Addison. I'm super excited about our Sex Flags trip, I think Ben will be overwhelmed being around both of us at the same time - poor thing. Love you. Oh and tell Brandon to make your master bath look like that jacuzzi, I'm sure he could do it.

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

we are leaving for vacation a week from today to go to NC (OBX)for my sisters wedding! I am so excited!!!
Have fun on your vacation and hopefully you don't go splat! lol

Briana said...

Friend-I would LOVE to have a tub like that..and you are right, he probably could do it!

BSBC-Funn!! Yall will have such a good time! Yea, I'm hoping to not go splat!!

WickedCourtni said...

VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!!!!! For my husband's and my 30th!!! I cannot WAIT.

Briana said...

Yay! Vegas is so fun!! I can't wait to go back..maybe to get hitched!?!?! Wooot Wooot!