The One Where I'm In A Mood

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This morning when I got to work, my supervisor asked if we had heard about our Mayor. Apparently, he had run off to Mexico with his illegal partner. He was the best Mayor this town has ever had, and I'm pretty sure everyone knew he was gay. He said that he left because he knew by his partner being here, it was illegal, and he didn't feel right about it. So imagine all the hateful comments and horrible things people are saying about him. Even though, everyone knows he was a damn good Mayor. I heard someone say, "You know, even though he was gay, he was still a good Mayor." Hmm. Ok. Even though he was gay. I can hear in the office next door the jokes that are being made about him. Why do people think it's ok? Why is it funny?

And then, of course you have American Idol. I'm willing to bet if Adam wasn't gay, he would have won. He was an excellent singer. Not to say that Kris wasn't, but I just have a strong feeling that because of Adam's lifestyle, that's why he didn't win.

Maybe I should have started this post out differently.

Hi world. I would like to introduce you to one of my best friends. The funniest, most hysterical, would do anything for you, outgoing and lovable person I know, my brother Josh. Who, also, happens to be gay. I love him, so much, that I find myself taking up for every gay person out there when someone says something hateful. I love him, so much, that I find myself in tears, while screaming at a guy I used to work with for saying horrible things to another guy at work that happened to be gay. I love him so much, that I am writing a post, all for him. A lot of sisters don't have a close relationship with their brothers. I do. I am so thankful for that. I just get so tired of hearing close minded people saying things that really, they shouldn't have ever let leave their mouths.

I love you Joshie. You are what other people should strive to be. You are so smart, so funny and so friendly. I can't imagine my life without you. Even though you are gay.

4 peeps said....:

Andhari said...

You think Adam didn't win because he's gay? Seriously, is that even possible? If he had such golden voice like that?

I don't know, I think Kris is good esp.when he sang Heartless, but I predicted Adam won. And if the reason he didn't win is because of this, it just sucks.

LiLu said...

Awww... I miss my gay BF! All the way in Cali :-(

Briana a.k.a. Breezy said...

Lolita- a really sad part of me thinks that is why...but who knows, riiight?

LiLu- I miss my brother! He lives in Portland!

Sophie said...

First of all, your post is so sweet and if i was your brother i should be in tears.
And, "even though he is gay" he is gorgeous.